Inventing Cartoon Characters 101

Did you ever view a amazingly designed cartoon character and thought to yourself “I wish I could draw a character in that way”? The visual abilitiesof a animation artist cannot be madeflawless instantly, but with every lsmall try, and a passion to discover from your bad designs, you will certainly improve in time. attempting is the most important part, along with a great foundation of ideas, tips, tricks and samples from the visuals you want to emulate. Here is a part from my animation drawing web page, drawing

To begin on your path of cartoon character creation, a few aspects must be developed. Your character’s personality needs to be created, a animated style or mix of preferences needs to be decided upon and you must think about the visual world in which you will design. After these have been invented, you can set out to draw the character, item by item. After that, a color layout must be chosen and updates can be added to the overall idea.

There are a million different visual preferences to choose from when you design a character. Take a look at Disney, Warner Brothers and Hanna Barbera for ideas. Look at today’s animation characters and observe what’s in theaters now. Notice the color style, use of line, shading, lighting, shapes and clothing options. Decide which you like and mix up the style with a littleof your own.

Go the internet for options. The web is full of cartoon shorts and web series, and there is almost no standard for any of its visuals or writing styles. Check out YouTube, AniBoom and other video sites for a huge variety of content and when you spot something you enjoy, ask yourself what you enjoy about the style.

Taking that first step can be a bit tough, but do not allow yourself to become overwhelmed by the mountain of work coming up. Just because you’ve never designed in this way before does not mean you can’t do so.

Begin easy by tracing a piece of artwork you enjoy. After you are comfortable in your skills to trace really closely, try replicating a work by drawing directly next to the old one. Once you are comfortable with this style of designing, give yourself a real test by performing it all from memory.

The previous practices will bring you the confidence you must have in order to draw your own character from your own original thoughts, based lightly on the basis designs. Discover more suggestions on how to design cartoons on my web site, cartoonist