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Kuinka monelle on The Speedgamers tuttu - tauotonta pelaamista useamman vuorokauden ajan? Samaa tehdään myös Suomessa:

Suomalainen pelaajaryhmä Random Gaming Group järjestää The Legend of Zelda -maratonin 9.-12. heinäkuuta. Ryhmä pelaa 72 tuntia tauotta eri konsolisukupolvien Zelda -nimikkeitä, kuten The Legend of Zelda, Ocarina of Time ja Twilight Princess, ja välittää pelikuvan katsojille Livestream -palvelun kautta. Mukana on myös ulkopuolisia juontajia, kuten NES -peliarvostelija NESRetku ja Big Rigs -videostaan tunnettu Vimis (Demus V).

Pelaaminen tapahtuu Keski-Pohjanmaalla viiden hengen voimin, ja itse pelikuvan lisäksi katsojille välitetään myös webkamerakuvaa pelaajista. Ryhmän kotisivut löytyvät osoitteesta RandomGamingGroup.com ja sitä kautta maratonia pääsee myös katsomaan.

The Legend of Zelda -maraton on ryhmän kolmas maraton, ja joku voikin muistaa sen edellisen 48-tuntisen Mega Man -maratonin. Samaa on luvassa jälleen, tosin pidempänä, isompana ja massiivisempana!

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29:43 There I will come face

29:43 There I will come face to face with the children of Israel, and the Tent will be made holy by my glory
Exo 29:44 Birkenstock Sandals I will make holy the Tent of meeting and the altar: and Aaron and his sons I will make holy, to be my priests
Exo 29:45 Among the children of Israel I will make my living-place, and I will be their God.
Exo 29:46 And they will see that I am the Lord New Balance 420 New Balance 1400 their God, who took them out of the land of Egypt, so that I might be Jeremy Scott Wings ever with them: I am the Lord their God.
Exo 30:1 And you are to make an altar for the burning of perfume; of hard wood let it be made.
Exo 30:2 The altar is to be square, a cubit long and a cubit wide, and two cubits high, and its horns are to be made of the same.
Exo 30:3 It is to be plated with the best gold, the top of it and the sides and the horns, with an edging of gold all round it.
Exo 30:4 Under the edge on the two opposite sides, you are to make two gold rings, to take the rods for lifting it.
Exo 30:5 And make these rods of the same wood, plating them with gold.

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they Jeremy Scott Wings are

they Jeremy Scott Wings are to give; let every man who is numbered New Balance 420 give half a shekel, by the scale of the holy place: (the shekel being valued at twenty gerahs:) this money is an offering to the Lord.
Exo 30:14 Everyone who is numbered, from twenty years old and over, is to give an offering to the Lord.
Exo 30:15 The man of wealth is to give no more and the poor man no less than the half-shekel of silver, when the offering is made to the Lord as the price Jeremy Scott Wings for your lives.
Exo 30:16 And you are New Balance 420 to take this money from the children of Israel to be used for the work of the Tent of meeting, to keep the memory of the children of Israel before the Lord and to be the price of your lives.
Exo 30:17 And the Lord said to Moses,
Exo 30:18 You are to make a brass washing-vessel, with a brass base; and put it between the Tent of meeting and the altar, with water in it;
Exo 30:19 That it may be used by Aaron and his sons for washing their hands and feet;
Exo 30:20 Whenever they go into the Tent of meeting they are to be washed with water, t

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This tree hole one side opens

This tree hole one side opens the door, the both sides is a thick solid tree trunk, and at most in of tree trunk up, exactly a face to the wall to all spread full the tube-like in shape thing in dark red is like the grain of human body internal organs, in this thin film of grain in, unclear invite to unexpectedly wrap a shape to be like the person's thing around, flow out to move along with the blood vessel, that person also at in ever and anon move once, just expression calmness, pour have no what terrible.

See I come in, that person and then at in moved once, form the arch hand salute, that slightly takes hoarse voice to immediately ring out:"Thank elder generation for coming."Do not know as well isn't because just there was the relation of echoed in the outside, this voice is softer in the tree hole, although hoarse, have endless magnetism.

I looked in all directions a short while, put to put a hand way:"Do you call me to come in to have what matter?"

That hand moved to move on the wall, corner of wall that has a tree Dun to be like soil to go similar plane to go before the soil, arrive at me after death, the black mountain old bewitching way:"Elder generation dragon Pleases sit down."

Since come it then Anne it, all anyway arrive this, I am also straight-tempered to go ahead regardless, big ground of La La sits down, and the wreath attends to an on all sides way:"You this pretty has a special feature, louis vuitton outlet store open the guest house cheapness was not."

That person on the wall obvious one Zheng, immediately say with smile:"Elder generation dragon not the Kui is a tall person, at will a words all listen to somebody else's half don't understand."

I gradually understood, it was the true body of old black mountain demon to hang that talented person on the wall, he lives in this tree and be like a brain similar to the heart direct it.

The black mountain old demon sees I see him, not natural way:"I person's form didn't become now, didn't come out to make the elder generation laughed."

"You up treat."I now I ever since that time entered hole black mountain old bewitching attitude hereafter again with just we at outside Be getting more different, just louis vuitton outlet although very be afraid of to me, the while speaking ambiguously clips a gun to take good irony and mockery of, talk to pour now is like a hostess of exceedingly fascinating and charming, the Jiao isabel marant outlet Chen has a degree again dignified and generous.

"To, do you call me to arrive at bottom to have what matter?"

"Not afraid elder generation joke, small black empty lived for more than 2,000 years, be like elder generation so the degree robs successful man to still keep seeing for the first time, although small black know oneself a degree to rob hopeless, but among them the turns and twists is small black still think formerly generation there listen 12, if can be more and more lived for several years from here, small black always feeling elder generation dragon is big virtuous."

I listenned to understand, he was tiffany and co outlet to want to know I is how the degree robs, although he has no this greed, be curious, this person who asked to take to drive to shine on with born color-blind how at the beginning test this son similar 鈥︹€?

I cough one- track:"This degree robs, in fact also simple, wait the time that the thunder cuts cheap tiffany down 鈥︹€?

"Ha ha, small black is the thunder degree that waits no longer than sky body of time, not as most as from start speaking of, elder generation you are a degree to Custom MLB Jerseys when rob successful?"

"Soon, ex- segment time."

"That is 鈥︹€everal a hundred years ago?"

"E, be regarded as."

quetionss – Ke, 29/05/2013 – 12:39

"The elder generation pleases

"The elder generation pleases forgive me take the liberty ask 1, you is what age be born?"

"I, early, anyway my heel dish 2 elder brothers relate to quite good."

"The elder brother of the dish?"

tiffany outlet "The thou of the dish!"I really didn't recall louis vuitton handbags outlet more early person.

The "鈥︹€? black mountain old bewitching desire talks again, immediately the way of You hatred:"The elder generation since doesn't mean to say that naturally."See to him also know that I am freely a beard Zou, the degree robs also just tested a public official, thou of dish that was central Wei often, I wanted to say I heel pig eight quitted our both the elder brothers to wear a pair of pants, he estimated can believe.

"Can that elder generation tell me what your precursor is?"

"This 鈥︹€? I don't know how to say again, the computer is best to be like to have calculate this, I have never calculated, I generally see a horoscope luck distance 鈥︹€?

He sees my appearance of hard openings and carefully sounds out a way:" Is an absolute being monster?"

isabel marant "I don't tell you first and test your eyesight."I smilingly say.

", That have you ever seen an absolute being monster?"

"Pour is once saw a few kinds."

"Could you say?"

"Hey, there is a kind of absolute being monster calling grass mire horse, they live at Ma Lei Gobi desert up, is very admired and respected by people of this world."

"I understood, the elder tiffany and co outlet generation was a grass mire horse."

"Be not!"I louis vuitton outlet agitatedly way, the in the mind repeated quite a few time:You just grass mire horse, your whole families all grass mire horse!

"Ah 鈥︹€? black mountain old demon again the You resented:"Elder generation since what would not like to say, either, small black also dare not insist, that said you at ordinary times all is how self-discipline of, this always can?"

Make reference to this, I want to beat an apostrophe again-I which his mama how know self-discipline?

"The elder generation can't connect this to would not like to say, either?"The tone of the black mountain old demon has already not and so been getting more pleased, I don't know he next a moment will can't suddenly and violently walk, or the his root is to sound out me with these words, I hurriedly and freely way:"You have to follow it originally heart, the idea is as one pleases to turn, the self-discipline has no Ju to is no hindrance naturally."

Whole Personalized MLB Jerseys useless talks that listen to the white beard big Ye saying in slice from the third-grade martial dozen 鈥︹€?

"But my this heart is to think cannibalism, so does the self-discipline descend to can also get into achievement?"The black mountain old demon confuses ground to say very much.

"That, that still has a words to call to win himself/herself, you not is think cannibalism?Endure!Must endure, till certain time can see a result."This time say all to is my mental words!

The black mountain old demon listens to I speak contentedly, didn't aware of self ground to turn over a body on the wall, see a body with soft physique style style side lies and holds back part of skull all alone, another hand is put thigh side, although see not pure facial expression,take three to divide a female of effeminate, however crest wear a big baldheaded, the voice is also really recognized with difficulty a male mother, I don't know to use "he" still"she".

"Elder generation, you how, elder generation?"

I this just returns to absolute being, busy way:"Nothing important."

quetionss – Ke, 29/05/2013 – 12:41

That sees the officer shoot

That sees the officer shoot me not medium, louis vuitton bags immediately and loudly way:"Array, array!"Black soldier of Ji Si hears password, is almost the instinct that comes from peacetime training, the moment became a few myriad people phalanxes for the row, the morrow covered with to fly the Huang similar bow and arrow under the conductor of the military officers dynasty I rush toward to come over, I frighten nastily upwards Cuan, listen to Pa in the sole of foot Mao a burst of airtight ring, those bow and arrows for shooting are like to shoot similar play to open in succession on the bullet-proof glass"I one Leng after understand right louis vuitton factory outlet away:I all all over the body spread all over sword spirit now, these the bow and arrow nature harm not wear I, cheap tiffany jewelry on the contrary their person was harmed a lot by the mistake.

Can also at this time, I suddenly feel once the pubic region take out, this is the early sign that the sword spirit once wanted a strength, but my heart sink than go to the spirit return quickly, I want to are my best marriage at this those thousand knifes in place 100 Guas!

Sword spirit 鈥︹€uddy, I then fell down, result is since didn't fall on the ground and didn't also stop in the sky, but the half is died to deathlessly suspend many soldiers overhead, my legs put out strength to pour Teng, trample their skin of head goes toward ex- rush, public big Hua, immediately pull out weapon to chop down toward me of chop down the Tong of Tong, listen to on putting out strength bawl out anti- Ying of a Fei a sky, my aming like tiffany outlet is hanged by a steel wire of invisible and Be avoiding being seen the raid of foot and stealing a moment underneath of person's head up kick out pack and say a little bit good to listen, I this will have already disregarded completely the life and death to say it's a little bit realistic, be think at in the article of death front again finally share several under cheapness.

I am metal gray face, angrily way:"Mama of, Lao Tze was harmed by you to die!"Do not know as well is a heart already respond still sword spirit also human nature, in this urgent juncture my body a light, incredibly again Gao Gao Yue since, facing opposite of the north Feng hand to shake straight up, I listen to after death the one marvel, black Ji Si empire of the government troopses forgot to curse and scold, this time, they see with own eyes a personal rib to put a pair of wings general Teng to get empty but rise, finally is profoundly shocked.

A military officer probably thinks in the brigade row I to make fun of them and loudly bawl out for the sake of the hostility.

For this, in fact I really want to explain once and if not that having no alternative, I would not like to trample their heads to run road, either, although person's head very round of, and massaging of hot springs inside the stone is completely different, you trample his time he also moves, feel very strange besides I ain't Personalized MLB Jerseys that kind of either the person who likes to tease opponent, I am very low-key.

Once my in mid air turn round and see his Zhang Zhu Da Dun's mouth scold just happily, my direct descendant family members and close relative neither beside fall, I also annoy not to beat a come to right foot to put out strength to hurtle him one Deng, the shoe on the feet fly directly to go out and fall just at block up on the his mouth this shoe still pedigreed, as early as before I haven't crossed the Hong strong empire, I for staying a point for isabel marant outlet I to be in remembrance of, especially the idea bought a pair of tours shoe, these days of I am dressed in it walks courier station lead Gobi desert, have never had a moment to leave feet, a so imaginable Wu a tour shoe of week, suddenly block up at one personal mouth up-a that officer"" of 1 fall to dismount now lose all consciousness 鈥︹€?

quetionss – To, 30/05/2013 – 05:18

Gao Xiao Wei pushes away me

Gao Xiao Wei pushes away me and greatly treads to walk to the front of the door, the person hasn't gone out, outside ring out a burst of excitement and challenge of whistle voice, someone yells:"Small Biao.The son came out!"

Gao Xiao Wei opens the door to stand on the step and occupies vantage points fork to wear a waist way:"You seek Gu grandmother Customize MLB Jerseys seek very hard?"

"That's right!"Someone resented to poisonously drink 1.Hear this sentence, front row of** step aside, peep out that donkey face, his facial expression deadly pale, the look in the eyes Yin maliciously stares at Gao Xiao Wei, a be lame the ground walk to come forward, however seeing a Tai isn't the trouble on the isabel marant outlet leg and side have**try to please a way:"Two egg the elder brother hand you."

The donkey face slap takes out on his face, Nu way:"Said with you how much time stop shouting so me!"

Gao Xiao Wei roars with laughter a way:"Because your two egg elder brother now remain an egg!"

I know this donkey face is who, Wang Er Cai's son, the egg painful elder brother appears.

Wang Er Dan stares at Gao Xiao Wei's way:"A egg as usual also ability you!"He one the word is a way, " I dry over still not calculate, I dry over again let I the brotherses are dry!"

Gao Xiao Wei is tiny to change countenance a way:"You dare!"

The sneer way of Wang Er Dan:"Otherwise you think that I take so many brotherses come is stem what of?"

Gao Xiao Wei's way:"You dare to touch me once my mama don't kill your whole family!"

"Who kill who return uncertain, give掳 her I take!"Once the words sound fall, there are severals**then camera but move.

I listen to the immature dialogue that they say this movie inside, the in the mind can louis vuitton purses beat to up conclude, today's business very difficult processing, if is Wang Er Cai to find out this to probably and O.K. order, old river's lake knows to measure, at least can't do matter extremely, can see appearance is what Wang Er tiffany and co outlet Dan sought to order bunch of rascals to come to revenge by himself/herself, this was difficult to do, they this age is exactly the time that dares to kill people to set fire and see Wang Er Dan's appearance, don't make a business of point extremely tragic to in no case will give up.

tiffany rings Can at this time I also can push door but, come up to blunt those twos of**drink a way:"Get away!"

That a pair person's one Leng turns head to see Wang Er Dan.

Wang Er Dan horizontal my one eye, Nu way:"**Again is who?"

There is side a younger brother in his ear soft-voiced way:"This son who seems Long Bao Hua."

Wang Er Dan can not help re- conjecturing me, the tone not smooth way:"Today's business son didn't relate to you with you little participate, otherwise Long Bao Hua's face I don't give as well!"

I squint to take aim him:"Is Long Bao Hua that do you call?"

These three words of Long Bao Hua exactly still the remaining prestige still save, although their people of this generation didn't almost and never once see,Long Ye is finally previous river's lake no man the legend of Xiao is not.These** the subconscious ground retreated 鈥︹€?


Three truths are a Dian to rush toward infrangible:1, ** can't be frightenned to louis vuitton outlet store pour.2, sooner or later wants something to beat.3, affirmation need not Long Yang Yang beats-mainly is that he beats to also give away foolishly now.I said finishing.

quetionss – To, 30/05/2013 – 06:57

I say:"At take back sword

I say:"At take back sword absolute being the skill and body reforms of time, was a little Qian younger sister to use some special method doors to extradite a body for me."

Water Mo way:"Does that sword annoy?"

"The sword spirit was very successfully my body to ascend after I fix into the sword kid's Class."

Water Mo mumbling way:"Should not ah 鈥︹€?

Su Jing asks:"What does the master point?"

Water Mo way:"The sword spirit is the source place of sword absolute being, the according to reason is the most difficult to take back of part, on the contrary the thing like the sword absolute being skill compare under seem to be insignificant.The ordinary people even if got sword absolute being sword's annoying most likely could not use as well."

The gold truly martial way:"This be why r Liu 矛 can sign although the body reformation cured to like terminal disease can not sleep to louis vuitton outlet store feel, Zhao Dan got sword absolute being the skill play ball to become severe reason.But got those two common run of peoples of sword spirit but didn't appear an abnormality."

Old Wu Dao:"That bad way person?How do you explain?He is the sword spirit that asks for help of a little dragon is just without equal in strength hereafter."

The way of Su Jing:"The bad way person fixs for very tall.Have him again disciple the king celebrate to do witchcraft for him, this just unwillingly can order about those sword spirits, afterwards he a run into a little dragon not sword did the spirit to the utmost lose?"

Old Wu Dao:"The little dragon originally isn't sword absolute being, those sword why can the spirit is used by him?"

The gold truly martial cheap tiffany jewelry way:"The everyone sees is be not so-little dragon not is turn a life time sword isabel marant outlet absolute being this has already had no question, and turns round the belonging to of sword absolute being x 矛 the ng and sword spirit Be wrong to is also hard conclusion in the process of looking for an old lord, at that time car up so crowded, again suddenly affairs.You push my Sang unavoidable, so the belonging to of sword absolute being x 矛 ng and sword spirit don't necessarily go straight to a little dragon to go.But definite stopped over a short moment in little body dragon, would lead like this thunder Du in the sky rob.Little dragon can be treated louis vuitton bags as Li Dai Tao Jiang, later on these strength and belong to x 矛 the ng is split to spread, we prejudiced, think that the little dragon is to turn a life time sword absolute being, 1 attends to needs to let small Qian way of doing belong to x 矛, the ngs all accepted back, the little dragon does into the sword kid's sword spirit after, he robs behind the sword absolute being rank on the identity equal to mainland of gold body, those sword spirit not Bian true or false, so all temporarily recognize a little dragon for lord, this is little Long Jian spirit in command of ineffective reason.Until permitted to appear at first, they this just forsake darkness for light."

I pull a long face a way:"The all saying public is dangerous, how connected sword spirits to all become to tend in the your mouth burning attach the mean person of power?Say again, what call forsake darkness for light?"

The gold truly martial mysterious way:"In fine, the true facts only has 1!I want to pass by be so."He again Tong Tong old Wu, " Lululemon Outlet how to see Wu Xiong?"

I collapse a way:"Your arriving is Conan still the hero of Di Ren?"

Old Wu nods a way:"The 浠?ji 菙 doesn't leave ten."

I say to water Mo:"Process be so, did the master listen to understand?"

Water Mo way:"The tiffany and co outlet big body is understand."

"That what viewpoint do you have?"

quetionss – Pe, 31/05/2013 – 06:05

Three gate towers, inside is

Three gate towers, inside is two enter of small hospital, there is basically no Cape door that the suitable vehicles goes through, estimate hereafter come in and go out such a front door.The house once re- tidies up, for letting worry the old woman is happy and hang up lanterns and festoons of looking at very pleased celebrate.

The Chuang son takes care of, the servant early and early faced out, some originally was the person who waits on Hou in the worry house, the worry autumn dollar early and early sent to come over.Worry autumn Ling and worry the autumn dollar hand a worry the old woman enter a door, the in front is a den, and being regarded as isabel marant sneakers an autumn dollar the place for preparing is to the worry.In back is the abode of woman, the worry old woman lives positive building naturally, the small pottery surname lives east set of rooms, worry autumn Ling and worry the autumn Di lives western wing building, this mainly is in consideration of the worry autumn Ling wants to return to green cloud An after louis vuitton handbags outlet living a period of time, be not often live.

All of nine houses tidy up to spread to lead, the type of furniture also all changed new of, the other establishes to go without saying more.Worry autumn dollar the intention that estimate to touch a worry old woman, basically press those decorations in the home.

"Dollar elder brother's son had heart."The worry old woman sees an of his/her own house inside to establish, know worry for autumn the dollar spends idea.

Worry autumn dollar but have the way that several cents feel deeply about:"Always the grandson isn't filial, let the old woman come to this kind of place."

"The good kid is what I want to come by myself."Worry old woman says, smile a way again:"Here much good, wanting to have a little the businesses of vexed hearts can't have.Don't attend to talk and call doctor to come over and see for your daughter-in-law, she now pregnant son, took a car don't be tired to arrive for a day."

The small pottery surname favour smiles a way:"Let the old woman worry, I am all right."

"Always show doctor to trust."The worry old woman says.

The worry tiffany rings autumn dollar handed a small pottery surname to go to western wing building, and then let to take care of of notified doctor.Please come home an inside to sit to diagnose of although doctor be not often to doctor Wang of worry house, is also practise medicine for a long time, this year 60 lululemon outlet online how old, originally all intended to retire to go home to see a grandson, result drive worry the autumn dollar pleased come over.

Sit to diagnose for a year, occupy to see a doctor, have no a matter carefree, the wages shines on to.Look after an old man and a pregnant tiffany and co outlet woman, the food and clothing lives a whole pack, the salary is more louis vuitton outlet huge, be get to Chuang son to up live, the doctor was resolute to come.

The small pottery surname comes over all the way and say on the mouth not tired, the body still keeps feeling that having a little is tired.Return to get to bed first to wear up the Xie, the doctor came over to diagnose vein, although it is said is no hindrance but also want a small pottery surname the good good take a rest to prevent miscarriage a medicine to also want to follow to eat for these several days up.The worry autumn dollar sends the doctor the house door and return to building and give repeated advice to a small pottery several surnames, by this time the worry old woman can't pay attention to rules, the small pottery surname has peace of mind to keep good.

quetionss – La, 01/06/2013 – 06:50

"My Xiao of, the big Ye shine

"My Xiao of, the big Ye shine on to see an old woman quickly, moved to so many things from the home, just sorting also for a long time."The small pottery surname says with smile, she is affirmation to help to tidy up, worry autumn dollar but is how also lululemon outlet online run not to drop.

Worry on that evening the old woman beat to appreciate to follow of servant, and originally of descend a person, it is main sons to pour is respectively eat of building, have no in 1 to eat, really a little bit tired.Is worry autumn Ling and worry autumn Di, also want to help to tidy up thing, pack is toss about and dismantled package to re- tidy up to toss about more.

The favour lived to finally put away all of the thing and otherses for 5, 6 days, the host's room wasn't big and descend the person's room smaller, with compare at worry house, wench old woman sub- affirmation wants to discommode.Worry old woman declares very generously and rises one generation month money at the next person of Chuang son, after going home recover original kind again.

Waiting to all tidy up is appropriate, worry autumn dollar and worry the autumn Ling also want to return to, the worry autumn Ling returns to An inside, and the worry autumn dollar goes home.In addition to the wench old woman that the womenfolk of a families use son outside, also leave 2 to take care of, ten come to small Si, in back is a chemisette world, the in front then takes care of with the place of keeping the gate of small Sises on duty.

Although still just inside the scope of capital city, 2,000 acres of grounds in the neighborhood also all louis vuitton outlet belong to a worry house of, the isabel marant outlet womenfolk of a family lives of place, still safety first of good, leave enough hand convenience also they usage.

The thing puts away and send to walk a worry dollar and worry autumn Ling for autumn, the Chuang son is getting quieter.Worry the autumn Ling daily tiffany outlet life is to get up and have a meal and accompany a worry old woman, the heel small pottery surname talks chat and play chess of type of.The title is a blue sky, although the heel is different at the nothing important for seeing in the worry house,the mood is totally different.

A little bit more unique not good is a friendly intercourse letter not that convenient, get to Chuang son up this behind worry the autumn Di make the wife write a letter and make the old woman is rest assured, the life of Chuang son is very good, the worry old woman's spirit with each passing day get up, the belly of the small pottery surname also big get up, a few mamas of old way looking at to all say to is like a son, match an old woman of worry happily not last mouth.

"Do not also all day stuffy louis vuitton factory outlet in the house, today the weather good, rather go to in the cheap tiffany jewelry field to walk.Is exactly autumn now, does the Chuang in the farmland marry to like, make the vehicles been outside and in back following, we walk by ourselves."Worry old woman suddenly says, the rules of countryside countryside has no so well-found, the woman threw a head to appear much, sometimes the family livelihood isn't good, next stem's living all isn't in the minority.

quetionss – La, 01/06/2013 – 06:50

"I this was how 鈥︹€? worry

"I this was how 鈥︹€? worry autumn Di has several cents to soliloquize of say, but is stretch hand to hand a forehead, not to, is that she Be some to catch a cold, so of drowsy is also an abnormality.

Wife of mother's aunt Zhang sees her so, don't aware of self retreat an one step, take the hand of comb to start shivering.In fact be like to at the beginning louis vuitton handbags outlet negotiate of so, let worry for autumn the Fang generation marry and hide worry autumn Di enough.Must sends out worry autumn Di to go, say she eloped with others and seemed to occupy truth, but seemed also too cruel some.

Worry autumn the Di hands support disguise on the stage and stretched hand to grasp what hold in hand inside, but the head is still heavy, the body is various to seem be all called by week Mr., but can not sleep, really can not sleep.Above wife cheap tiffany of mother's aunt Zhang isabel marant outlet lend to kick out all wench old woman sons, this was originally an abnormality.

Just at this time, but the door suddenly opened, the vision of wife of mother's aunt Zhang and worry autumn Di together and together sees past.Worry the autumn Di is stunned speechless, what to come in is worry autumn Fang, the foppery of whole body bond maid.

"You, you 鈥︹€? worry autumn Di finger to worry autumn Fang, an unimaginable viewpoint form in the louis vuitton outlet brain, and very likely is true facts.Way:"You went crazy and want to take over I marry to arrive together the mansion goes, together the house can't recognize of, together the house connects my positive card nieces to all want to back a marriage, you crest I marry over there 鈥︹€ill give together the reason that back a marriage in the house."

The worry autumn Fang hazily smiled, way:"I advise you or worry about oneself, you will go to inside in the person's trader's hand tiffany and co outlet right away, anyway no matter how it is, you of the ends are all more miserable than me."

"You 鈥︹€? worry autumn Di still wants to say again what, but insist not to live any further, directly plant ground.

Although wife of mother's aunt lululemon outlet online Zhang knows to just faint,see worry for autumn the Di pour so on the ground and still frightenned to greatly jump.Worry autumn Fang but have no so many mental states burden, she hates a worry since the childhood the Di always feel that she robbed her own situation for autumn, now only she dooms, oneself's in the mind then can happy, way:"We fill her to the bed first to descend and wait until when I spend Jiao to go out, take the color in night in the evening then steal her to deliver."

Wife of mother's aunt Zhang had to come forward to follow a worry Fang to hide worry autumn Di a bed to descend together, but is a way for autumn:"As long as had her hidden and then went, why the need for and must went out her lane, fame but complete destruction."

"So just like, together the house is to want to back me to want her again, only afraid all don't go."The worry autumn Fang says.

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Imperial concubine is again

Imperial concubine is again speaks of taking good care of Yan to want to go green cloud An, the Luo louis vuitton outlet store big wife knows worry for autumn Di also in the quality, then wants to come to see her.Also not is want to say with her what, wanting to see is pure.

"Did the worry miss since know that the nothing Lululemon Outlet important wants something to say?"Luo sees vegetable the autumn Di is toward the worry, Luo's house because the Fei that she makes is anti- cloud sky, Luo Mu far one sincerely even she moved, she pours is want to listen to worry for autumn the Di mean to say point to this what.

Worry the autumn Di is long long vomited tone, but was a title to see plain toward Luo, facial expression sorrow in take cut off definitely helpless, way:"The imperial concubine hopes that I say what, I have no the father have no mother and have no isabel marant sneakers brothers sister, grandmother and grandmother to also die one after another again, the Wei far Hou mansion has no I have somewhere to stay of ground, I can live alone an An hall in, what I had is also this life but F now."

Luo's vegetable listens to silently and lightly sighed tone, Luo's first daughter-in-law looking at a worry the facial expression of Di is also very sympathetic toward for autumn, way:"Good kid, I have no with imperial concubine to consequently blame and scold you of meaning, this idea that is the Mu by himself/herself far.Your current circumstances we all know, together two masters make it too."

The worry autumn Di lowers the head to put on tears, good short while just way:"The beginning hears Luo the intention of the big Ye, very touched in my heart.However I know oneself an identity to hang extremely and have no he thinks.The thinking to me am also the person of bad omen, the parents early die, the louis vuitton handbags outlet grandmother and grandmother also leaves a life time one after another, now now Gu body one person is in the An hall, these days of I think to want to go, Luo the feeling of the big Ye, I only have here in the green cloud An, knock through say prayer to Buddha only to recompense."

Luo's vegetable and Luo big wife listens to is all one Leng, worry autumn Di this meaning wants a house, although say together two masters do excessively, for the situation in nowadays, together two masters for the sake of own the fame will definitely marry worry autumn Di to go out as well of, she is at most foolish in the green cloud An tiffany rings arrive she filial tiffany and co outlet piety period expires, together two master affirmation will attend to needs marriage for her.Alone and helpless is affirmative, but still be unlikely the situation of house.

"The miss is this words 鈥︹€? Luo big wife at that time didn't know what good.She originally thinks Luo Mu just far unrequited love, worry autumn Di combine not intentional and he.But worry the autumn Di say words can not help letting her interrogative so.

Worry the autumn Di cool way:"The Luo big wife doesn't misunderstand, I and Luo the big Ye saw several times before the person as well but F, I am never any crazy idea.At this time my body is in the An hall, beg also however being quiet is leisurely."Her a Gu female, wanting to contend for didn't also get to contend for, the matter canning not do it didn't want to think, what she can make is to knock in this green cloud An through say prayer to Buddha.

quetionss – Ma, 03/06/2013 – 10:09

Speaking of young child,

Speaking of young child, "there is also your four younger brothers 鈥︹€? Mrs. Lin Da Dun is a full face tear stain, ten how old kids, but can Tan at louis vuitton outlet bed last lifetime, see once each time her being a heart,such as knife, to mow.

"The mother trusts, four the younger brothers' enemy my affirmation will report."Lin Da Dun Ye says.


Started dinner party from the early Lululemon Outlet quarto had been putting till January 15, then the rice glue ball came, dinner party and then from 16 put January 30, exactly a month isn't a home to put wine, be drink wine to the outside, the Tang keeps in mind Yun still tiredly not light, the worry autumn Di goes without saying more.Go out to drink wine still okay, receive guest in the home is true Be getting more tired.

Luo Mu, who recorded to hang to go to front, is far, friendly intercourse social parties guest, wait January, the affair favour finished, the worry autumn Di was also murky, there is the shape that several cents want to fall sick.Wu Po Zi connects to let to take care of of call in doctor, louis vuitton bags in fact several days previous worry the autumn Di have a little not that comfortable, but get sick in big January, tiffany outlet guest again so many, it isn't to dare to get sick really.

"First daughter-in-law this was in an interesting condition."The doctor says with smile, immediately again way:"However see first daughter-in-law this vein elephant, ex- segment time affirmation is very tired, a bit unsteady secure, I prescribe a few medicines, the first daughter-in-law must eat on time and worry a tired matter definitely don't can make.Xie previous month, promise to be free."

Worry autumn Di's isabel marant outlet pouring is stunned speechless and have the way that several cents become stunned:"Be getting iner an interesting condition?"

The doctor smiles a way:"Be getting iner an interesting condition."

Flank a few old woman sons all smiled and connected a voice congratulations worry autumn Di.Zhang Po Zi led doctor to flank to open square son, Wu Po Zi again favour sent a wench notice Luo's old woman cheap tiffany and Luo big wife, send to at the time that doctor walked, Wu Po Zi directly beat a silver dozen to appreciate.

The old woman son took square son to let to take care of to buy medicine, Luo's old woman and Luo big wife received newses all hurriedly.Luo Mu far came back for a day, worry the autumn Di keep in mind ascend, really is an exultation matter.The worry autumn Di is lying on the bed and hear two mother-in-laws come, the favour gets up from the bed.

The way that the full face of Luo's old woman rejoices:"Lie, celebrate the New Year to work hard at chores, don't know as well tired arrive have no.Is the doctor to how say?"

The worry autumn Di smiles a way:"The doctor says that Be free, as long as I carefully maintain, Be free."

"That good."The Luo big wife listens to very rest assuredly, son can not nearby, the daughter-in-law keeps in mind the last grandson again, always a consolation.

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Overcome an in the mind of

Overcome an in the mind of jittery, Li Yan wiped Xia Yu's top half a then, steaming hot body temperature spread in hand, let her in the mind is to have a leveret son at leap to reach similar.Up fix*true*valley*small*say*

"鈥?You 鈥?where 鈥?

Just at this time, Xia Yu's noodles"color" of deep slumber hangs one silk mournful, the but"fan""fan" sticks paste of read isabel marant aloud a phrase, but can not hear clearly exactly Be reading aloud what.

"Xia Yu?鈥ldest brother?"

Li Yan thinks Xia Yu is awake, but shouted two, the other party again continue asleep, don't talk.But Xia Yu the silk on the face is mournful, but let her in the mind also a bit tiny sad, don't know this to let oneself"disorderly" the man Discount Lululemon of idea, exactly the dream arrived what sad affair.

Shriveled shriveled mouth, Li Yan carries the basin son of starting the side to go out, but in this time, a pair of emollient arms, suddenly the Lan lived her slender waist, she tightly embraces in the bosom 鈥?

Surprise of coming all of a sudden, the basin son tips over in the ground, Li Yan Jing shouts a way:"Xia Yu 鈥ou 鈥ow?"

"Do not walk 鈥?don't walk 鈥?

Xia Yu shuts a double eye, seeming didn't hear lightly drinking of Li Yan mm and still kept tightly sticking she before chest and said beard words in mouth.

"Xia Yu 鈥?you release me 鈥?don't so 鈥?

Li Yan's mm heart is "disorderly" like hemp, "naked" in the red Mao up Xia Yu's bosom of body, continuously flounder, petite body continuously peristalsis, continuously Shen Mao in the mouth "sing" 鈥?

But Li Yan mm, how to flounce of does Xia Yu's bear embrace, more is flounder, faint the "fan"'s Xia Yu to embrace more tightly.Feel that strength, there is also the body temperature of the other party, Li louis vuitton outlet store Yan's body is a burst of and numb and weak, slowly had no energy 鈥?

Several next flounders after, she then stopped dead, a pair of big eyes wear in front of Xia Yu, two drops of radiant tears are hanging a handsome face over there up.

"Xia Yu 鈥hat's the matter with you?"

Always, Li Yan all feels that Xia Yu is optimistic of, the very determinate man is like a mountain, so strong.Which afraid is that the sky fall down, want 锝瀘nly station at his after death, ability peace.But now, he unexpectedly shed tears 鈥?

louis vuitton handbags outlet Wear Xia Yu with mournful look, Li Yan mm can not help thoughting of, he had no parents since the childhood and grew up in the foreign country other place alone and definitely suffered from much injury 鈥e was also just 23 years old, can be like so able now, definitely once ate not a few bitterness 鈥n fact, you need not disguise you so strong, you can be like now so, embrace me 鈥?

At this moment, Li Yan forgot oneself still just this man's bosom, only have in eyes, the face that makes his/her own dream once arrived numerous times.

Xia Yu's action has no too exaggerated, just in brief of embrace Li Yan tightly in the bosom, be like want to integrate her to the she's body in general.Li Yan so quiet this man, this for the first time intimate contiguous man, even can hear the breath of the other party.

Feel two heart palpitateses, enjoy that kind of drive the felling for wrapping up, somehow or other, in addition to first dismay, Li Yan now in mind but many one silk is secretly pleased.

tiffany and co outlet Two Qians Qian small hand, lightly fondle to"touch" Xia Yu's skin, steaming hot feel to up spread, tiffany rings is like a child, finally got the candy stick that a cake of longs for day and night similar, very sweet, Noan-noan of.

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The Luo elderly gentleman

The Luo elderly gentleman delivers a funeral and stop to work properly affirmative get fore hospital, the whole family the old and the youngs all wanted the favour to live at that time, the Xu elder brother's son and none of elder brother Anne's sons louis vuitton handbags outlet were big and put fore the head always felt not too trust, or put a worry autumn had peace of mind in Di house, is that she attended to not up, the wench old woman son that can always let nearby stares at.

Worry tiffany and co outlet autumn Di originally not the desire return to and listen to Luo big wife such Fu Fu, busy way:"BE, I this picks them up to come over."Her in the mind also has this meaning, just she doesn't speak of very on her own initiative, originally want after Luo's elderly gentleman's affair is come out, the whole family is pressing again answer, Luo big wife said in advance, that is matching her idea.


Attending to isn't up hard, the worry autumn Di takes bus to the front yard to connect the Xu elder brother's son and elder brother Anne's son in person, as for even elder Discount Lululemon brother's son, the Tang also comes over to answer by bus .Three elder brother son F through arrived reasonable age, particularly the Xu elder brother's son, the sad facial expression of one face.After Chen girls moves out, the west Shao has been getting empty, put away sheet debt drapery and then can live a person.

"Great grandfather is not is get to that coffin in after lying down, will get sick."Elder brother Anne's son looking at a worry Di says for autumn, for death what of, he still not too understands and just sees someone be tidying up coffin, he doesn't really understand, the wet nurses also say not understand, says using for great grandfather.

The worry autumn Di listens to the in the mind is very tiffany and co outlet isabel marant outlet sour, for elder brother Anne son to say, he still doesn't know to die of meaning.Hasn't the Luo elderly gentleman swallowed spirit, also not ability and elder brother Anne's son are small and soft to explain, Be just way:"Later you Xiao of, the time is getting more late, your brothers is early some to sleep."

Say a worry the autumn Di turns a head again the elder brother is to the Xu son way:"These several days the home is busy, you also pay attention to the younger brothers."

"BE."The Xu elder brother's son's noding should wear.

Looking at two sons to sleep next, worry autumn Di this just withdraws the west Shao.Wu Po's sub- short cut:"The miss stops worrying, other affairs I am unable to do, affirmation can be optimistic about elder brother's son, time of tired miss also go to Xie quickly behind."Be like big funeral like this, the louis vuitton outlet daughter-in-law, who hold to do, directly and all dead tiredly has and takes charge of grandmother's were it not for super healthy body, didn't the disease must also become sick.

Worry autumn the Di point nod, Wu Po's sub- age is gradually long and be unsuited to proper work hard at chores, take for several days, kid's pouring is very appropriate.Called to a wench to in brief wash face and comb hair, the worry autumn Di lay a bed top asleep.

Seem is just closed an eye, ear spread the voice of wench:"First daughter-in-law, first daughter-in-law 鈥︹€?

"?"The worry autumn Di opens an eye, the body really doesn't want to move and seriously lack sleep for these several days.

quetionss – Ke, 05/06/2013 – 09:26